Bringing Fall 2021 To Life

Joey Gomez


In every aspect this is our most developed product selection ever produced. From the big aspects, to the digital side of things, to the small details, we did many new things for this project that we haven’t done in the past. Plans for this collection started being made at the beginning of summer 2021. We always had an idea of what colors we wanted to use, but many of the details, physical and digital, didn’t come together until the last month or two before bringing the products to market.

We took the quality and details of our product to the next level for this drop. We sourced new hoodies and sweatpants that we’ve never used before, and if you have one of our previous hoodies, there is no doubt you will feel the difference. For the first time ever we designed our own woven tags for each garment. All product customizations for our clothing is still done locally in Chicago including all vinyl, embroidery, and collar tags.

 To bring this collection to life it took the work of many different individuals and the use of many different resources. Some of the major contributions include:

  • Mary, Gail, and the rest of the staff at our local embroidery shop, they always do consistent, high quality work.
  • Cory from DTO (Defy The Odds) who helped us bring together models, photographers, and videographers to help us create content for this drop.
  • Trevor and Amin who truly helped mastermind, organize, support, and promote this entire project. They provided creative and moral support to say the very least.



Even though this collection corresponds to the timing of the fall season, as a brand it doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to start releasing regular seasonal collections like many fashion brands do. We don’t want to be known as “another clothing brand”, and we take pride in differentiating ourself as a lifestyle brand. In the future we plan to release an assortment of lifestyle products aside from clothing, put on different events, and launch new initiatives centered around our core values.

This collection marks a new chapter in the Collected saga. From now on this collection sets a new standard for every collection that we put out. Growth and evolution is always what we strive for. This brand is going to continue to evolve and develop as we simultaneously evolve and develop as people. 

Lastly, thank you so much for all of your continued support! We would not be where we are today without each and every person that supported or encouraged in any small way.


"Spirits are high, Love never lost..." 


Take care my friends, see you soon.




 Behind the scenes photos of the process:







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