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Joey Gomez

One of my goals for Collected Co. has always been to deliver value in some way beyond just physical products. Whether that be social media content, audio, video, events, and so on, I want to deliver something that people can absorb and take with them in an intangible way.

For basically my whole life I have always been a strong writer. I am constantly encouraged by my father to put my writing skills to good use. Whether I am typing or writing in a notebook, writing is my most basic form of creative self expression. With this blog I am trying to kill a few birds with one stone. This acts as a pretty direct way to get my ideas out into the world, while also building another branch of Collected Co. that can grow the brand.

Of course, with everything that goes into running a successful business and brand, I can’t do everything myself. In the not so far future, my plan for this blog is to have it be an accumulation of different stories and information from an array of different contributors and authors. This blog will consist of anything “collected”, from stories, to motivation, lifestyle, mindset, wellness, mental health, creativity, entrepreneurship, and more.

On this blog I want people to comment and interact, giving support, feedback, or even offering their own input, constantly developing an aggregation of ideas.

I envision this blog to be a hub of practical ideas that you can use immediately, and also a library of personal experiences and stories. I believe you can learn from both.

We shouldn’t be greedy or selfish with our ideas. We need to socialize them and put them out into the world. By doing so, others can build upon them. This blog is really just my first step in creating a platform for us to share ideas, learn from other people, and engage with the community so we can work on making the world a better place for everyone.

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  • Chrishawn Davis on Jan 25, 2021

    Good evening collected team my name is Chrishawn Davis preferably know as shawn chosen, I am a 19 year old African American motivational speaker from Chicago Illinois that speak into existence about self-love and self-empowerment and how that creates a prospering mindset that apply into manifestation. The collected mind that I have can envision more for the collected team with me remaining consistent to enlighten others with my aura.
    “ A man that’s woke is what the enemy is afraid of”

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